Tuesday 30 August 2011

We Are In Demand - Ultralove

When the "Big Book o' Mid 00s Alt-rock" is written up (if it hasn't already), the band that will surely grace the cover will be The White Stripes. What made the band stand head and shoulders above the rest is that despite the self-imposed limitations on their sound (guitar, drums & vocals), they were still able to churn out six fairly diverse albums of a high quality before calling it a day.

Which brings us to London based duo We Are In Demand. Like the aforementioned group, they strip their recordings down to the bare minimum. However, unlike the Stripes, this minimum consists of just bass guitar, drums and vocals. However, based on their song "Ultralove", they don't need anything more.

"Ultralove" is a sub-two minute pop punk song that manages to fit in an aggressive bass riff, and the most infectious whistle hook since Noah & the Whale's "Jealous Kind of Love." The band are still a little rough around the edges, but I am sure that is something that future recordings will iron out.

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