Saturday 27 August 2011

Ace City Racers - City Boys

If the general failure of the Viva Brother bandwagon is to be believed, then these isles are not ready for a full blown Britpop revival. It also carries a secondary warning for young bands - beware the premature praise of NME, for they will turn on you quicker than Megan Fox turns on men.

Even though VB were not really my cup of tea, I am still adamant that there will be a full blown Britpop revival on the cards in the near future , and with Suede and Pulp reforming, one could say the seeds are already being sewn.

One band that may find themselves at the forefront of this new wave is Glasgow based trio Ace City Racers. Their song "City Boys" evokes the spirit of Bluetones classic "Slight Return", Parklife-era Blur, with a little bit of the Kaiser Chiefs thrown in for good measure.

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