Tuesday 19 March 2019

Sun Gods - Zanzara

By the start of January, I had assumed that the song that would end up being The Metaphorical Boat's Top Song of 2019 would be a dead certainty. After all, what song in this calendar year could hope to compete with "Harmony Hall", the breathtakingly stunning return from Vampire Weekend? Ever since then, it's been far and away the favourite, with no other song even hoping to come close to its brilliance.

Until now that is, as we've now discovered a song that might give it a run for its money. The song comes courtesy of Sun Gods, a 4-piece Belgian band, and boy, does it tick a lot of our metaphorical boxes. "Zanzara" (which is Italian for mosquito), is a tender electro-stomper of a song that calls to mind the production of Prides or Bear's Den circa "Red Earth & Pouring Rain", with a songwriting style that draws fond comparisons with The Waterboys.

So is it as good as "Harmony Hall"? After several listens, I would say not. But it comes pretty darn close.

"Zanzara" is out now.