Friday 19 August 2011

Rubashov - C-Dog

Not Squares have been one of my favourite Northern Irish bands from the last few years, with their song "Release the Bees" being amongst my top 10 singles of 2010. Not content with encouraging us to dance ourselves silly in his main band, Keith Winter has now formed an interesting side project with Dublin based visual artist Michael John Whelan called Rubashov.

The Rubashov project came about when the two members spent a week recording in Berlin, creating an album based around the isolation of the main protagonist of the novel "High Noon." The first track to come from the album, "C-Dog", is an atmospheric piece, with spoken work mantras, a surprisingly hooky chorus, and a beat that reminds me of the sounds of Warp Records, When Pilots Eject, and oddly enough, "Funky Town."

The band are currently raising funds to finance a vinyl release of the parent album "Are You Here For the Conference As Well?"

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