Wednesday 10 August 2011

Piet Hagg - There is Nothing Like a Nice Anthemic Ballad

Do you feel that there is not enough irony in your daily musical constitution? Have you ingested the entire back catalogue of The Divine Comedy, but your sarcasm meter is still dangerously low? If so, then Glaswegian singer/songwriter Piet Hagg may be just your thing.

"There is Nothing Like a Nice Anthemic Ballad" is exactly what it says on the tin, which is a satire Celtic-tinged ballad with an anthemic, sing along chorus that disguises the dark, dank themes brought out in the verses. The fact that you really could imagine this song being sung in a muddy field in the miffly of July by thousands of drunk revellers makes this tune all the better.

Other themes that Hagg tackles in his songs include artists that are more stule over substance ("SXSW Not") Fleet Foxes-eque folk ("My Song Has Only Got One Chord") and, um, bloggers who are obsessed with Twin Atlantic ("I Love Your Blog"). Surely Piet Hagg is a future cult star in the making.

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