Saturday 13 August 2011

A Day Overdue - From Now On (Bedroom Eyes)

Every few years, a new band comes along that hopes to become this side of the Atlantic's equivalent to blink-182 or Green Day, adored by legions of screaming teenage fans, and soundtracking their formative years. Pop-punk is a very hard genre to get just right; for every You Me At Six that finds success, there's countless more Go:Audio's out there who disappear without a trace.

The next big hope for the genre is Glaswegian group A Day Overdue, who recently signed to Only Sky Records. The band, and their recent single "From Now On" seems to have all the ingredients required to make it to the top of the genre. The approval of Kerrang! magazine? Check. Touring with fellow pop-punk luminaries like Elliot Minor? Check. Photogenic lead singer? Check. And most importantly, a heavy song with a killer singalong chorus that captures the angst of going through your teenage years? Check, check, check.

A Day Overdue certainly seem to have all the ingredients necessary for staging an assault on the country and the charts. We'll just have to see how far they can take it.

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  1. Absolutely love these guys!!! Best Scottish band Ive heard in a while!! :) xxx