Friday 12 August 2011

Dad Rocks! - Take Care

Icelandic singer/songwriter Snævar Njáll Albertsson, who is known has the vocalist for Danish based 'post-rock' band Mimas, has recorded a collection of folk based songs, which he has created under the rather knowing moniker Dad Rocks! But Aerosmith and Paul Weller this is not.

"Take Care" is a well crafted slice of post-Fleet Foxes pastoral folk, with delicately played acoustic guitar mixed with luscious strings, and horns that remind me slightly of "Hoppipolla" by fellow Icelandics Sigur Ros.

"Take Care" will feature on the debut album Dad Rocks! entitled "Mount Modern", which will be released on November 8th


  1. it's mimas, not momas :-)

  2. Thanks for that. I obviously got them mixed up with Momus, an entirely different artist altogether. Ammended.