Wednesday 3 August 2011

Amidships - The One

Amidships are band with an impressive pedigree indeed, with members of the band having played with Elbow, Snow Patrol and The Boxer Rebellion in the past. Based on their E.P 'Friendly Fire,' it would be no surprise if the Antrim based sextet go on to be as big, or even bigger, than their former touring mates.

"The One" is a song that almost defys description, given that it's epic rock production, folk-influenced lyrics and vocals & heavy indie guitars make it hard to pigeonhole Amidships into one clear genre. Perhaps someone should event a genre to describe them. (Alt-tone? Heart-wave? I'll leave it to someone else then)

Based on "The One", it is clear that Amidships will be one of the most exciting bands to come out of these isles for some time.

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