Monday 15 August 2011

Brett Anderson - Brittle Heart

2011 has been a great year for Brett Anderson. Already this year has seen the singer play though his band Suede's first three albums in their entirety to capacity crowds in both London and Dublin. Now Brett is lining up to release his fourth studio album "Black Rainbows", notably his first to be released with major label backing since "A New Morning" back in 2002. As a trailer for the album, the first single, "Brittle Heart", was released to the world today.

The most notable thing about the new single is that it is perhaps the most rock orientated song of Brett Anderson's solo career. He has explored many territories on his solo works; from the orchestral pop of his eponymous debut album, the tender piano ballads of "Wilderness", and the pastoral folk stylings of "Slow Attack", but it's nice to hear him coming back to what he does best. Thankfully, it seems that rumours of "Black Rainbows" being a heavy metal album proved to be unfounded.

Produced by Leo Abrhams, who also produced Brett Anderson's 2009 album "Slow Attack", "Brittle Heart" sees Brett doing what he does best - empassioned romanticism and heartfelt lyrics that hide a darkness beneath them.

"Black Rainbows" will be released on 26th September, with "Brittle Heart" available now to download from all good MP3 retailers. The video for "Brittle Heart" is available to watch now.

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