Saturday 13 August 2011

Ben Sommers - A Town Called Starving Jane

For his upcoming album "Avocado Chip", London singer-songwriter Ben Sommers has created an entire universe in which he delves into the depths and despair of 21st century life, with tales of debauchery and society gone wrong.

Taken from the album is "A Town Called Starving Jane", which is a demented slice of paranoid, carnival-esque rock and sets the scene for the madness that will surely follow.

Ben Sommers has released a claymation video for "A Town Called Starving Jane", which sees the beginning of the battle of good vs evil between Oculus and Old Tall Sam.

"Avocado Chip" will be released on October 3rd.

WARNING - this video features clay people getting up to naughty things. NSFW.

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