Saturday 27 August 2011

The Search - Silent Days

Sweden may be renowned for its rich pop tapestry, but it also has habit of churning out some fantastic indie and alternative artists as well, with acts such as The Hives, Dungen & First Aid Kit floating my Metaphorical Boat in the past few years. Now the next act from the country hoping to break through are Uppsala based quartet The Search.

On their track "Silent Days" the group mix Gary Numan-esque synths with the rock stylings of Echo and the Bunnymen for a dark, alluring track that forces the listener to revel in its own sense of melancholy, and not let go. The Search make you want to embrace the dark side, and sometimes there's nothing wrong with that.

"Silent Days" features on the album "The Search for Connection Contact and Community", which will be released on 30th September.

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