Monday 30 September 2013

Northern Ireland Tunes - Round-up #18

Here's a few tracks from Northern Ireland which have caught our attention as of late. There should hopefully be something for everyone here, as long as the something that everyone craves is music that is mostly rock, and largely on the heavy side:

Linebacker Dirge - Suzimushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kourogi

The debut album by Linebacker Dirge, "Take Shelter", which was released in August, is notable for hitting two of this blog's keen interests. Firstly, the album contains musical contributions from members of some of the best Northern Irish groups of the past few years. Alongside key member Jason Gibson, members and ex-members of A Plastic Rose, A Northern Light, Eatenbybears & Kasper Rosa helped to bring the project's post-hardcore sound to the masses.

And the second of this blog's keen interests? Obscure Japanese anime references. One of the songs on the album, "Suzimushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kourogi" takes its name from the TV series Bleach, where it is the name of the bankai used by shinigami and former Soul Society squad leader Tosen Kaname. If that last sentence made absolutely no sense to you, don't worry, I very much doubt you're alone in that.


Pyramid Sequence - Sleeping Patterns Of Pharmacists

The recording project of Limavady fellow Niall Dalton, the self-titled debut E.P from Pyramid Sequence is largely made up of instrumental recordings that bridge the gap between soft ambient and harsh industrial. One of the exceptions to this is "Sleeping Pattern Of Pharmacists", which features guest vocals from Daveit Ferris. It is a great juggernaut of a song, with massive drums and an angry emo chorus that wouldn't sound out of place on Kerrang radio, and a song that might give you a little bit of extra sympathy for those fellows who work behind the medicinal counters in Boots.


Blue Whale - Was

Self-described experimental party band Blue Whale seem to be attempting to fill the space left by Not Squares when they abandoned their punkier side and decided to go full techno on us. They recently launched their self-titled E.P last week with a series of rooftop gigs around Belfast's city centre. Taken from that E.P is "Was", a funky danceable little number that should see them winning quite a few fans (and movers) when they play live.


The Last Generation - Chromosome

Fast rising Maghera heavy-rockers The Last Generation will be launching their "Torann" E.P in he Menagerie, Belfast on 7th October, with support from Astralnaut & Safe Ships. As well as featuring the brilliant "Battle Royale", the set also features "Chromosome", a riff-heavy 6 minute behemoth which should help them to cement their place as the new successors to Therapy?'s metal crown.

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