Friday 13 September 2013

Feet For Wings - Homes E.P

Belfast based Feet For Wings are a group who have existed on the periphery of the local music scene for what seems like eons - a band who have been ever present for several years without really becoming mainstays of the scene, in spite of a few decent tracks along the way. With the release of  "Homes", an E.P containing the band's best songs to date, there is every possibility that this might change.

It is clear from from the onset that "Homes" is evident of the band's improved sense of production, professionalism and melody. The whole E.P is sounds fantastic, with Feet For Wings' modern folk stylings never sounding better. The highlights of the record would be "Homes", a song that combines delicate fragility with a rocky edge, and the sublime "Hold Your Tongue", a song that utilizes Simon & Garfunkel-esque harmonies to wonderful effect.

"Homes" by Feet For Wings is available to download now.

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