Tuesday 4 March 2014

Freak's - Number One

We've featured Strabane's finest oddball 4-piece Freak's on TMB a few times in the past, charming us in the last year their off-kilter tunes such as "Old Piano" and "Symmetry and Correlation". Now the band have released their latest single, "Number One", and it's fair to say it's their best song to date.

For a start, it's a song that's incredibly hook-y from the get-go, with two interlocking vocal "ah-ah" and "ooo's" which lead into the lovely little guitar riff. The lyrics fall into "good side of daft" territory, with lyrics concerning Northern Irish golfers, a city in the African country of Mali, and rare flavours of Pot Noodle.

The band have also released a cracking, hilarious music video for the song, which is as gloriously wonky as the song itself. Without giving too much away, let's just say it features one of the oddest romances to feature in a music video.

"Number One" is the strongest song to date from the Freak's fellows. Let's hope they keep their bonkers-indie sound going for their future releases.

"Number One" is available to download now for a very modest price.

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