Tuesday 4 March 2014

Oh Volcano - Oceans

Although it's been more than a year since the announcement, people in Northern Ireland are still getting over the shock of beloved sons General Fiasco going on hiatus, having logged 2 albums and hundreds of gigs under their collective belt. Sure, for some, other bands will come about who can fill that indie-rock hole in their hearts, but what about those people for whom the guys in the band meant everything? How will they be able to cope?

Well fear not, for 1/2 of the band, Enda & Owen Strathern, have just announced their new project, Oh Volcano. In what has become something of a trend for artists from this neck of the woods, they have abandoned the guitar-centric sound their previous project was known for in lieu of the purely synthetic. Their first song under the Oh Volcano name is "Oceans", which is a fairly decent slice of atmospheric Caribou-esque electronica, which should act as a great few first steps towards the road they are sure to travel down over the next few months.

"Oceans" is available to download for free.

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