Tuesday 30 October 2012

The 1975 - You

As October gives way to November, we are reaching the stage of the year where DJs, broadcasters and bloggers begin to formulate their predictions for which artists they think will be the next big thing in 2013, especially with the longlist for BBC's Sound of 2013 forthcoming. This is why you tend to see a lot of 'hype' bands releasing music around this period, hoping to capitalize on the feeding frenzy by getting their material out there at this time of the year so that they're fresh in the minds of the judges of these polls. As such, expect to see artists such as Chvrches, Seasfire & Bastille, who have had new songs out in the past few weeks, appearing periodically on these lists.

And there's one more name that are worth keeping an eye out for: Manchester based quartet The 1975. Ever since I posted their song "Sex" a few weeks ago, that blog post has gone on to become The Metaphorical Boat's most visited page by a country mile. This tells me either one of two things - that The 1975 have been picking up such a fevered following that their fans are searching every single music blog for tidbits about the band, or that the article I wrote about them was so brilliant and life-affirming that people are continually re-reading to in order to share in the glory of my writing brilliance. As much as I wish it was the latter, it's probably the former.

But anyway, the band have released the next track that will feature on their "Sex" E.P, which is out on October 19th. "You" demonstrates the band's diverse approach to their sound, adding baggy-influences to their sound, as well as maintaining their trademark unreal industrial drumming. 

The 1975 will be touring the UK in December, including a date in Belfast in the Oh Yeah Centre on December 12th.

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