Tuesday 2 October 2012

Gypsy & The Cat - Bloom

Australian duo Gypsy & The Cat were one of those artists who were tipped for mega-stardom in 2011, but just fell short of that all-important breakthrough. This was quite surprising, as it wasn't due to a lack of fantastic songs, with their debut album "Gilgamesh" being choc-a-block with massive glo-fi pop hits-in-waiting, including "The Piper's Song", which was one of my top songs of last year. Nevertheless, the group are as determined as ever to make that elusive breakthrough, with an American release of their debut forthcoming (and presumably in the UK as well, where it was only available as a download), and preparing for the release on their sophomore album early next year.

The first song to be taken from their follow-up is entitled "Bloom", and is a song likely to make people prick up their ears and take note of the group again. Mixed by Brian Friedman, who was responsible for producing one of the bands Gypsy & the Cat were compared with on their debut album, MGMT, the song follows on from their debut in taking the sounds of the 80s and wrapping them in a 00s dreamscape sheen. This song however is a little less Toto and a little bit more of The Cure at their poppiest. With its pop charm and dreamy exterior, "Bloom" has the potential to drag Gypsy & The Cat out of the 'also-ran' category, and put them firmly in the 'running at full speed' classification.

"Bloom" will feature on the group's 2nd album "The Late Blue", and is available as a free download from the band's website for the next week.

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