Tuesday 9 October 2012

Ireland Tunes - Round-Up #7

Who wants another round-up of songs from the island of Ireland that have been floating my Metaphorical Boat this month? Nobody? Well tough, because you're going to get it anyway. 

 Alice Kona Band - Film

Those guys from the Alice Kona Band are generous fellows indeed. Not content with releasing the fantabulous heavy-pop sound of "Bad Dreams" back in July, the band have released their latest single. Not only that, they've made it available as a free download. "Films" feels like a natural progression on from their last single, with the band concentrating more on "heavy" that "pop" this time around whilst still maintaining their accessible sensibilities. Just listen to those Beach Boys-esque backing vocals if you don't believe me.

Chocolate Love Factory - Burn

The Northern Irish band with the 2nd most ridiculous name (number one incidentally is Little Sausage Disorder), Armagh trio Chocolate Love Factory's sound usually consists of grungy, QOTSA-esque stoner-rock. However, on their latest single, they takes things into more melodic territory. Released to coincide with a gig in The Empire on October 11th where they will be playing acoustically, "Burn" calls to mind the rock power-ballads on the late 80s/early-90s.

Little Rivers - Little Lea

Little Rivers is the solo project of Callum Cairns, who was previously a member of Colly Strings. In comparison to his old band's anthemic indie-rock, Little Rivers see Cairns entering more pastoral territory. "Little Lea" is a gorgeous piece of King Creosote influenced folk, mixed with incredibly subtle electronics to create something incredibly lovely indeed. This is a song to pull at your heartstrings.

Clockwork Orchestra - The Book That Won't Be Read

And finishing off this round-up is something a little bit offbeat. Clockwork Orchestra is the project of Dublin based Paul Mangan, who has combined his love of  "nursery rhymes, vintage keyboard instruments and lyrical storytelling" into an album that is as mad, strange, and offbeat as a box of snakes, "Friends Without Names". Taken from the album is "The Book That Won't Be Read", an electro chamber-pop ode to those people who neglect the world to spend ages composing a masterpiece that stands no chance of finding an audience.

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