Thursday 4 April 2013

Vanilla Gloom - Lemons and Wine

If there's two things that music in Northern Ireland has been severely lacking in recent years, it's all female rock groups and proper old school grunge revivalists. Whether or not a dearth of these is a good or bad thing really depends on your musical preferences.

But if that sort of music does float your metaphorical boat, then you'll enjoy the debut single from Belfast trio Vanilla Gloom. Formed from the ashes of the similarly monikered Puerile Honey, who supported Wonder Villains a few times in the past, the group have a sound that marries distorted guitars and shouty vocals with an unabashedly pop structure. Their first track, the bass-driven "Lemons and Wine" continues the group's love of taking something sweet and giving it a bitter undercurrent, calling to mind tunes by The Breeders, L7, and some of the less electronic moments of Garbage.

"Lemons and Wine" is available to download now.

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