Thursday 25 April 2013

The 1975 - The City

Well, knock me down with a feather. I knew that Manchester based quartet The 1975 would have a rather fine 2013 indeed, but if you'd have told me after playing in Belfast to just a handful of people that within three months they would have a UK Top 40 hit single with "Chocolate", a track which hasn't seemed to have left the airwaves since February, as well as selling over 150,000 copies of said single, I would have been very sceptical indeed. Now it looks like the band are well on their way to being the most successful new band of the year so far. The members of the group also seem to be becoming something of a pin-up favourite for their growing teenage fanbase, which isn't surprising given how photogenic the boys are.

Of course, this blog cares more about great songs than image, and The 1975 have announced the re-release of "The City", a song which originally surfaced on their debut E.P "Facedown" last year. The track is a much darker affair than "Chocolate", with impossibly deep drums (last seen on "Sex"), sinister keyboards, and lyrics about the dark underbelly of inner city life. It's a rather brave choice of follow-up single after their last radio-friendly affair, but so far it seems that people are really warming to it, as well as to the band itself. Let's hope the next time they visit Belfast, they'll be playing it to an audience of hundreds. Mandela Hall, anyone?

"The City" is the lead single from their E.P "IV", which is released on May 20th.

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