Saturday 11 January 2014

Girl Band - Lawman

Say what you like about Pitchfork (and most people do - see the hilarious Pitchfork Me Twitter feed), but no-one can doubt the effect that a feature on the website can do for emerging artists, particularly artists on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Would Girls Names have been the biggest Belfast band on the blogosphere if Pitchfork hadn't supported them from an early stage? Quite possibly, but it didn't do them any harm.

Which brings us to Dublin band Girl Band, whom we last mentioned on the blog just over a year ago. Earlier this week, they released the six minute track "Lawman", which received instant praise from some of our favourite blogs. By Thursday that praise extended as far as America, with musical juggernaut that is Pitchfork devoted several column inches to sing the praises of the band in a way that only Pitchfork can do

So is "Lawman" worth the praise it's receiving? If you've been a fan of their primal, sludgy sound in the past, then you'll not be disappointed, although it's an odd beast of a tune, with a bass line giving it more in line with Benny Benassi than of the Pixies. Call it a melodic drone, if you will. It's probably a smidgen too long at 6 minutes, but by the end of it you won't realise where the time has gone. 

"Lawman" is available as a free download, and is also available to buy as a limited edition 7" vinyl with a hand-stitched cover. 

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