Monday 24 September 2012

Wonder Villains - TV

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being pop. Sure, what we call pop has included travesties like Daphne & Celeste, Vanilla & Fe-m@il (don't look them up), but the term can be, and has been, applied to a-ha, T-Rex and yes, even The Beatles. What I'm trying to say that just because something is regarded as "pop", it does not automatically mean that it's disposable or frivolous.

This brings me nicely onto the new release by one of my favourite groups coming out of the north at the minute, Derry's Wonder Villains. People have taken to calling them indie-pop, alt-pop or even, God forbid, anti-pop. They are wrong, and they are not. Wonder Villains are a pop band. They make music to make you smile, to make you dance, to make you feel young at heart (and God knows there's times I need to feel that way) and above all, to make you sing along. There is no need to to re-label them in an attempt to get around the dreaded three letter word. Just embrace the exuberant, youthful pop of the colourful "TV", perhaps the most synth-heavy song the band have released in the past year, and just have a good time. 

"TV E.P" by Wonder Villains will be released on 29th October on No Dancing Records. 

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