Friday 14 September 2012

Ireland Tunes - Round-Up #6

And so summer turns into Autumn, and another month passes in the various distractions between sleep that we call life. And true to form, this month brings about another set of tunes from the island of Ireland that floats The Metaphorical Boat. From the rocking, to the sensitive, to the downright bizarre, there's something for everyone in this month's round-up (as long as you're looking for tunes that are either rocking, sensitive or downright bizarre).

Kodaline - All I Want

The music of Dublin based quartet Kodaline first plopped into my inbox at the start of July, when I was sent information about their self-titled E.P. Whilst there was some things to like about them, in particular their wonderful video for "Lose Your Mind" (which features a modern-day, Jeremy Kyle inspired guru), I didn't really engage with them that much. Until this week, when I looked at the UK iTunes chart and realized something.

Kodaline are going to be massive.

As of writing (Friday 14th), "All I Want" looks certain to become a hit for the band. A minor, top 75 hit, but a hit nonetheless. For a debut release from a band with lots of room still to grow, this is a wonderful achievement (although it should be noted that the band did have a number 1 single in 2007 under their former name, 21 Demands. However, this was in the Irish charts, where you need to sell approximately 27 copies to reach the top spot). As for the tune itself, "All I Want" is a piece of anthemic-sounding rock very much in the U2/Coldplay, which will stand them in very good stead for their inevitable nomination in the BBC Sound of 2013 poll.


Heritage Centre - The Boss

Dublin based quintet Heritage Centre release their debut album, "Alright, Check It Out" this week. It has been produced by David Newfield, who has worked with Broken Social Scene & Los Campesinos. Taken from the album is "The Boss", a track that combines the hearty energy of Edward Sharpe with the pop sensibilities of Phoenix.


Sethway - The Constant

Hailing from Ballymena, pop-punk quintet Sethway have been on the go for several years now, but are only now beginning to really find their feet musically. Their latest single, "The Constant", is scheduled for release on September 24th, and sees the band with a new-found confidence. Massive guitars, rousing vocal chants & emo-inspired vocals make this a new watershed moment for the band as they go forward into the wild blue yonder.


Owen Denvir - Stones From Paris

Multi-instrumentalist & occasional viola player for Rams' Pocket Radio, Owen Denvir has recently released his debut album, "Scenarios of Her". The highlight of the album is "Stones From Paris", which best encapsulates the sound of the record. The song takes the tried and tested singer/songwriter formula and adds some subtle electronic noodling into the mix, calling to mind some of the tunes of David Gray's seminal "White Ladder" album.


Little Miss Stakes - Dr. Frankenstein

Yes, I find it hard to believe too: Belfast has got its own horror-punk band. "Dr. Frankenstein" is taken from the debut E.P from Little Miss Stakes, which is wonderfully titled "Bela Lugosi's Pro Skater 3," and is a fun little piece of Misfits inspired punk.

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