Friday 7 September 2012

KOPPS - Bastard Baby

I am not a fan of profanity. At all. I very rarely use it in real life, and I try to eschew using it altogether on the internet. Unfortunately, artists such as KOPPS come along who make it very hard for me to avoid doing so permanently. 

The New York based trio ply their trade making delightfully dark dance tunes inspired by psychotherapy and an analysis of sexuality. The first song to come from their upcoming E.P, "Bastard Baby", combines the dark synths of Fuck Buttons with Beth Ditto-esque vocals, little snippets of mid 90s commercial dance, as well as an infectious saxophone hook, an instrument that has been scientifically proven* to be the sexiest out there. 

"Bastard Baby" is currently available as a free download. It will feature on their upcoming E.P "Fuck Jams", which will be released of September 25th as a download, cassette, and in a move that will bring pleasure to many, as a condom. 

*In this context, 'scientifically proven' means "something I just made up to reinforce my point."

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