Wednesday 26 September 2012

Ottilia - The Sonic

It's been a good 9 months since TMB last checked in with Swedish-born, London based singer-songwriter Ottilia Kjulsten. You may recall that back in December she first appeared on the radar with the Phoenix-inspired "Forty Million Light Years". I say recall, as the track in question appears to have disappeared completely from the interweb, as if the song was nothing but a beautiful dream.

 Since then, she has been honing her craft, performing live around London and collaborating with a variety of exciting artists. Yesterday, the first fruit of her collaboration with Ed Harcourt made its first internet appearance. "The Sonic" is currently listed as being a demo, although it still sounds quite well-formed. 

It's a bit moodier than some of her other songs, being more akin to the sound Lana Del Rey than the quirky pop that made me fall in love with her in the first place. Nevertheless, it's a pretty strong tune, with some interesting production and engaging vocals from Miss Kjulsten, and has made me curious as what's still to come from her. 

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