Monday, 14 July 2014

101 Sun Festival (plus Polock - Everlasting)

As you've probably noticed, The Metaphorical Boat has been somewhat silent for the past few weeks. Don't worry, we're not closing our doors (not that you're concerned about that), it's just that your humble captain needs to take a break from everything every now and again. This is why I've just returned after a week in sunny Malaga. Although true to form, I just couldn't tear myself away from the music.

On Friday, I attended the 101 Sun Festival, which was held in an athletic stadium in Malaga in the sweltering heat (it was still about 20 degrees by 11pm - if it even reached that temperature during the day back home I'd be really shocked). The headliners were Franz Ferdinand, who once again reminded me why they're one of my favourite bands to see live - great energy, great engagement with the crowd (despite the fact that 99% of the crowd were Spanish and the only Spanish Alex Kapranos spoke was "muchas gracias"), and of course, one of the most indestructible sets of indie-rock songs of the past 10 years. Quite honestly, you have not experienced a gig until you have seen the band perform "Outsiders" live, complete with the four person drum breakdown.

But it wasn't just FF on the bill (although they were the headline act and the biggest crowd pleaser), for there were other acts playing, the majority of which were new to me. That day also played host to a band who were the Spanish equivalent of Teenage Fanclub (La Cena), the Spanish equivalent of the Stereophonics (L.A), what appeared to be the Spanish equivalent of Bruce Springsteen (Lori Meyers, who was incredibly popular despite being new to me. Everyone in the crowd was singing along to every song. Quite well), a UK band who were tipped as the saviours of rock and roll back in 2012, weren't, but still inexplicitly find themselves booked for high slots at European festivals (Spector, who I do like on record, but fell very short on the day), and a not very good band named after a song by New Order (Triángulo de Amor Bizarro).

But the one band new to me that really blew me away was Polock, an indie-pop quintet from Valencia. It might seem a bit of a lazy comparison, but they really were like a Spanish version of Phoenix. They had some great songs (all of which were sung in English), a great stage presence, plus the people I was with had a great laugh at their drummer, who they claimed was like a long haired version of Colin Farrell. I'm not too sure how popular they are outside of Spain, although apparently they were a Single of the Week on iTunes in the US, but at the festival, they were very much beloved by the thousands of people who came to see them.

Have a listen to their most recent single "Everlasting", taken from their 2nd album "Rising Up". It's the kind of Hot Chip goes rock song that one thinks would go down very well.

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  1. Only four drummers for Outsiders? They have been known to enlist members of the support act to boost the numbers. I saw them in Paris a few years ago And Alex's French is no better than his Spanish but he was still able to connect with the audience. They really should have been at Glastonbury this year to coincide with the 100th anniversary of a certain event in Sarajevo.