Wednesday 7 November 2012

Avec Sans - The Answer

We're really getting into hype season now. Music bloggers and tipsters across the world are gearing up to announce the artists that they think will be heavy hitters over the next 12 months. As such, November is  a great time for artists who have already started to build a buzz to unleash new material, to ensure that their name is fresh in people's minds.

This brings us on very nicely to London based duo Avec Sans. Earlier on today, the group unleashed their latest track on the world, "The Answer", which is sure to get bloggers' tails wagging and ascend up the Hype Machine in near record time. It's released at the best possible time to catch our eye, but do they have what it takes to go supersonic in 2013? Lets have a look at the evidence:

First, the cons. At the moment, with the exception of remixes, the band currently only have three tracks up on their Soundcloud page, one of which is a Bon Iver cover. As such, as good as the songs might be, it might be too early to hype them, especially if their later songs fail to match up to the promise of their early songs.

Also, despite several offers, Avec Sans are yet to take their music to a concert setting, although they do have plans to do so early next year. A potential problem is that while their recorded songs might be impressive, they might be unable to successfully transfer it to the live stage. This has been the undoing of many bands who have received a lot of hype in the past, most notably MGMT.

But despite these possible niggles, there is one, big, massive pro that blows these out of the water - their music is good. Very good, in fact. Taking inspiration from Purity Ring & Sleigh Bells, their latest single, "The Answer", is a piece of finely crafted electro-pop with a slightly harsher edge to it. On the strengths of the music alone, Avec Sans should do well for themselves over the next 12 months. Then again, the hype game can be an incredibly fickle business.

"The Answer" is available now as a free download.

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