Monday 2 July 2012

Howe - Bolt From the Blue

Whenever a band meets up after jamming together for some time, the prickly question as to what musical direction the band will take will rear its ugly head. If all the members of the band are on the same wavelength musically, or if one member of the band is much more musically inclined/egotistical than the rest, then there aren't usually that many problems. But what happens if one member of the group is enamored by atmospheric alt-rock, and another member is adamant that the group should take its musical lead from classic rock, and neither member will budge? What would happen then?

Well, it would appear that the answer to that question is that you could end up sounding like Brighton based 4-piece Howe. The verses of their song "Bolt From the Blue" utilize the hushed atmospherics of The xx to them (and even employ a similar chord progression to their song "VCR"), yet by the time the chorus kicks around, the guitars become more distorted, the drums become thundering, and the song becomes less xx, and a little bit Aerosmith instead. Despite the differing dynamics of introversion/extroversion on offer, it does work strangely well.

The track is taken from Howe's debut E.P, "Bolt from the Blue".  

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