Tuesday 3 July 2012

Crowns - Full Swing

One of the nerdiest musical things that I have done in recent weeks is to look at the running times of the various festivals happening over the summer to see which bands are getting top billing, which artists are much higher up the bill than they should be and which artists have been relegated from recent bills. Looking at the line-up for Reading Festival, it is interesting to see the Kaiser Chiefs, who were sub-headliners on two occasions, are the sub-sub headliners this year whilst The Hives, who played on the main stage before, now find themselves halfway up the bill on the secondary stage (and to add insult to injury, playing lower on the bill than The Blackout). And honestly, why are The Shins lower on the bill than Enter Shikari?

But my geekiness aside, the festival can give a great platform for emerging artists to shine among the more established artists. Take Cornwall band Crowns, who will be opening the Lock Up Stage of the festival on 26th August. The band, who have supported Sharks and The King Blues in recent months, ply their trade in shanty inspired folk-punk, which they have dubbed "fish-punk." Their style can be seen on their most recent single, "Full Swing", which sounds like a sea-weathered version of The Dropkick Murphys. Their music sounds like it will go down well in the festival atmosphere, and by next year, they could even be playing on the main stage.

"Full Swing" features on the "Crowns E.P", which is out now.

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