Tuesday 6 May 2014

Young Night - Picasso

Young Night are one of an increasing amount of artists who have relocated from their home country (in this case, Australia) to settle in Brighton for musical reasons. Why that town in particular has become such a hub is uncertain, although one might suspect that being a short distance away from London without the capital's extortionate rental prices, coupled with a reputation for great events promoting upcoming artists (such as this weekend's Great Escape Festival) make it an attractive location for hungry young artists.

The band's latest single is "Picasso", is a quirky little indie-pop number, albeit one that take you on a sprawling journey throughout its running time, before putting you back exactly where you started. It's a bit like Vampire Weekend with a harsher edge. It is an interesting, fresh approach to a familiar style of music, which should make Young Night a band worth keeping an eye on.

"Picasso" is available as a free download.

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