Monday 21 April 2014

Nudybronque - Moondog E.P

In all the emails your humble captain has received from purveyors of fine music, this introductory greeting from Wiltshire based trio Nudybronque is perhaps the favourite -

Hello Christopher,

We found you! At last. We're so relieved. The internet is big, isn't it?

With such a charming greeting, we'd more than happy to write anything about the band, regardless of whether they're any good or not. Thankfully, their most recent E.P, "Moondog", is rather good indeed.

The band seem to have taken inspiration from a smorgasbord of intelligent bands from rock history in order to create something that's both brilliant and very much their own. Take "No Wives, No Children", for example. The song seems to take cues from The Beatles, Pulp and Muse, yet also adds a little bit of their own flavour by adding some organ and accordion into the mix. Another quality track on the record is "Peachy Keen",  the E.P's most raucous track, which take cues from the less dance-y end of Franz Ferdinand. The rest of the E.P is unable to keep up the same quality of the first two tracks, although that's not to say they aren't bereft of interesting sounds and ideas - their slow-building take on 50s rock and roll on "Allsorts" is worth listening to.

"Moondog" by Nudybronque sets the band up as one of the more interesting bands to emerge from the Swindon area. They've got a knack for an intelligently put together tune, a somewhat sardonic sense of humour, and if their email etiquette is anything to go by, they are perfect gentlemen as well. Not all ideas may stick, but there's enough here to mark the band out are future cult icons.

"Moondog E.P" is available to buy now.

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