Friday 11 April 2014

Moscow Metro - Spirit of a City (E.P)

It has been over a year since first being introduced to Limerick based 4-piece Moscow Metro* through their wonderful debut double-A side containing the tracks "Spirit of a City" and "Cosmos" for free, which sounded near perfect in spite of the band only being together for a few months at the time of recording. Now fast-forward 12 months, and as a result of the initial love for the band, they are releasing their first E.P, "Spirit of a City".

Unsurprisingly, the E.P kicks off with the title track, and as we said last year, the song is a "mid tempo anthemic rock number in the mode of The Killers or The National, tailor made for multi-seated stadiums and for closing festival proceedings", and 12 months onwards, we stick firmly by that appraisal. The second track "Future Fades" shares a similar musical DNA, and is just as enjoyable. In fact, you can pinpoint the exact moment when the audience will go mental when this one is played live - it's at 1:35 in.

"Headlights" is a more subdued, shoegaze-y track, with the guitars turned down ever so slightly and the percussion slightly more purposeful, one that fans of Jesus & Mary Chain might get excited by. "Where It All Ends", the 'official' closing track** is similarly subdued, although it erupts into something magical by its end, a little bit of joy beneath the darkness that has gone before it.

"Spirit of a City" deserves to be the release that introduces Moscow Metro to a swarm of new fans. Last year, we said that they should be your new favourite band. 12 months on, we stand by that assessment. If you like your punk a little past the post, your guitars loud, and your darkness as anthemic as possible, then "Spirit of a City" is the release you have craved all these years.

"Spirit of a City" is available to purchase as of today.

*Written as M O S C O W M E T R O, but for the sake of my thumbs and space bar (given that it's highly likely we will be featuring this band again on numerous occasions), I will refrain from typing it in this way.
**The wonderful "Cosmos" has been left as a hidden track, presumably because its sound wouldn't flow in the context of the E.P. This is a shame, as I feel it's their strongest song. Oh well, one can hope that its hidden nature means that they'll have big plans for it further on down the line.

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