Monday 3 June 2013

Maker - Devotion

Maker initially formed in Brighton following the coming together of singer/songwriters Lana McDonagh and Danny McGurn. The duo were later augmented as a 4-piece and recorded a few well received demos, as well as a relatively popular music video recorded on an iPhone

The group are now lining up to release their first official single, which has been recorded by Scott McCormick (who's recorded with Calvin Harris & Bloc Party among others). "Devotion" is a captivating song which utilizes dynamics effectively. While the verses are restrained and almost hushed, the choruses border on the bombastic, with intense tribal drums and expansive production. It's as if someone has brought Daughter and Florence & The Machine together to collaborate, with each keeping their own  individual style separate. It's a style that is very much of the time, yet is still has a fresh feeling to it. 

It really is a good time to meet your Maker

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