Monday 6 August 2012

Seasfire - Heartbeat

In recent weeks, a buzz around Bristol 4-piece Seasfire seems to have slowly built up. Although I'd seen a few assorted Twitter posts about them, I hadn't got around to checking them out because, in my ignorance, I'd assumed that they were some re-releases from a 90s band that I had already dismissed. However, having caught the band in live session on 6music at the weekend, it turns out that I had them mixed up with a completely different band with a similar sounding name, and that Seafire are in fact a completely new band. Mea culpa.

Anyway, now that I've had the chance to listen to the group without any preconceived notions, I've found their music to be rather fantastic. Their latest single, "Heartbeat", is a captivating piece of sparse, emotive electronica, a little bit like Thrice with the guitars in the background rather than at the forefront. 

"Heartbeat" is available to download now. 

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