Sunday 26 August 2012

Angelica's Elegy - When You're Asleep

It can be a great relief when a band's description is a million miles away from how they really sound. Take Norwegian four-piece Angelica's Elegy. Having described themselves as sounding like "Beach House with Disneyesque vocals", I'd immediately feared the worst.

Thankfully, their latest single, "When You're Asleep" is a wonderful piece of lo-fi indie rock, with dreamy piano chords, lyrics describing treasured childhood memories, and an 'organized chaos' style of production. And not a single hint of mouse ears.

"When You're Asleep" is taken from the "Cognitive Dissonance" E.P, which will be released on 10" vinyl on 3rd September.

(Photo is © Benedikte Olson)

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