Friday 10 August 2012

Le Roi Crocodile - Ghost Speak

When I was a young, sprightly 16-year-old, the closest I ever came to making decent electronic music was when I used a simple computer programme to stick an 'Amen break' over "Connection" by Elastica to make a 'dance remix'. Therefore, it's great to see a good lot of tech-savvy kids coming through who are making electronic music which belie their years. One such artist is Vancouver based teen Le Roi Crocodile (King Crocodile), whose sleek synth-pop sound of "Ghost Speak" meshes up the chillwave of artists like Washed Out with the poppier sensibilities of Owl City. So far it's the only song that he's uploaded to his Soundcloud page, but it bodes well for his future releases.

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