Sunday 1 April 2012

Two Glass Eyes - Seats and Windows

Hailing from the lovely north coast of Northern Ireland, Two Glass Eyes caught my attention this week through their emotional, yet anthemic take on hard rock. "Seats and Windows" starts off nicely enough, with its arpeggiated guitar style sounding like an out-take from Snow Patrol's "Final Straw" album sessions. However, at the 40 second mark, the thundering guitars come in, making it a genuine fist thumping behemoth of a track, like a more manageable version of Biffy Clyro. Northern Ireland hasn't really had a major hard rock band break through since arguably Therapy? in the 90s, so could Two Glass Eyes be the band to break through? It's early days yet, but if they can follow through with tunes as strong as this, it's a distinct possibility.

"Seats and Windows" is taken from the E.P of the same name, and is available as a free download.

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