Friday 27 April 2012

Not Squares - Fall Far

New material from Belfast based dance-rock trio Not Squares is a great cause for celebration. Their 2010 debut album "Yeah OK" showcased their own idiosyncratic style which won them fans both in their hometown and further afield. After all, how many groups can write a song about vomiting and still make it the most catchy and infectious song released that year? (Pun only half-intended). They have also developed into one of the best live acts in Northern Ireland, with the atmosphere at their high energy gigs being an absolute joy to behold. 

It is under this backdrop that the band have released the first taster from their sophomore album. "Fall Far" sees a change of direction for the band. Seemingly abandoning the 'mantra' approach to lyrics that defined their first album, the song is perhaps the closest the band have come to using a more traditional chorus-verse-chorus pop structure. It's a completely irresistible track, with it's heavily vocoded vocal hook and funky bassline driving the song along very nicely.

"Fall Far" by Not Squares is available now to download for free.

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