Thursday 26 April 2012

Future History - Surrounded by Faces

Of all the bizarre facts that I have read about the recording of albums, I don't think I have come across anything as off-beat (and heartbreaking) as one from Canadian alt-rock band Future History:  "We...sampled a whale that produced the wrong frequency, which consequently ostracized her from other whales because she didn't communicate properly." Let that act as a relief to anybody whose parents disapproved of you joining a band. It could be much worse - at least you won't be abandoned by your own species for making music (Justin Bieber aside, that is).

But anyway, Future History's latest single, "Surrounded by Faces", is an expansive rock tune that is exquisitely produced, emotive without sounding too angsty, and despite an overwhelming instrumental onslaught, it has a surprisingly 'earthy' feel to it.

"Loss:/Self", the debut album from Future History, is out now, with "Surrounded by Faces" available as a free download until the end of May. 

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