Wednesday 18 April 2012

Our Krypton Son - Plutonium

Derry natives Our Krypton Son are gearing up to release their follow up single to the cataclysmic "Catalonian Love Song," which reveals a change in pace. The radioactive "Plutonium" (see what I did there?) features a more stripped back production to its predecessor, with it's piano and vocal style calling to mind Suede's "By the Sea" (have I mentioned that "Coming Up" is my favourite album of all time), with a vocal style that seems to sit somewhere in the murky water between E from Eels and Damon Albarn

The lyrics touch upon Chris McConaghey's penchant for lovelorn apocalyptics ("you have a touch that makes this ocean flow and burn like ammonia"), plus the recording features some subtle studio trickery to make the track stand out that little bit more.

"Plutonium" by Our Krypton Son will be released on May 14th in colourful 7" vinyl form from Smalltown America, complete with two newly recorded b-sides.

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