Thursday 9 October 2014

Step Rockets - Phantom Flower

It's an absolute delight to hear some new music from Minneapolis based band Step Rockets. For the uninitiated, the band first came to our attention last August with their faultless "Kisser", a song that fused rock with modern production sensibilities, which blew up online to such an unprecedented scale, and warranted the band a place on our Tips for 2014 list. They then followed it up in April of this year with "Heart Attack Again". The song saw the band taking on a more R&B inflected sound, and whilst the song is a great track, and picked up a decent audience, it had nowhere near the runaway success that "Kisser" enjoyed.

Now six months later, the band have released their latest single, and we have every faith that this song is going to be massive. The song in question is "Phantom Flower", and it is absolutely fantastic. The song sees the band exquisitely blend electronic production and indie-rock in such a way that both sounds take equal precedence without overpowering the other. Just watch how the heavily synthesized verses merge into the unapologetically rocky choruses without feeling clunky whatsoever. Also, it might sound weird, but such is the fast-moving nature of music that it's somewhat nostalgic to hear a band in 2014 incorporating a dubstep-esque breakdown in their song, so kudos to that.

"Phantom Flower" sees the band returning to the sound of their runaway blog hit "Kisser", and it is our hope that it is just as successful for Step Rockets. It deserves to be.

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