Tuesday 14 October 2014

Northern Ireland Tunes - Round-Up #31

We hope you've been having a great October so far. If not, we've got the perfect remedy to your condition - a round-up of some great new music coming out of Northern Ireland at the moment - 
White Male Actors - Mysteries And Histories

It's nice to see that how healthy the music scene in Strabane is at the moment. We've already brought you music from Freak's and Those Ghosts over the past year or so, and now we've got a new name to add to the mix - White Male Actors. The band apparently received the seal of approval from former R.E.M member Bill Berry on one of their demos, and are about to release their debut E.P, "Ghosts", on October 20th. The lead track from the E.P is "Mysteries & Histories", and listening to it it's clear to see why they went down so well - it's a well produced, highly polished alternative-rock tune, which should go down well with fans of U2 and the aforementioned R.E.M.

The Elliott Duo - Nashville Dreamer

Not one, but TWO Strabane based bands for you this month? You lucky, lucky people. The Elliott Duo are brother and sister Gary & Kim. Their song "Nashville Dreamer" combines Southern rock with a bit of country into something incredibly radio-friendly and Tennessee-pleasing, and not too dissimilar to another NI brother/sister duo doing well at the moment, Southern. I wonder if this would be up the metaphorical street of fellow country-loving Strabanite Hugo Duncan? Perhaps a bit too cool for him, methinks.

Treehome - Keep Our Loving Discrete

Belfast trio Treehome describe themselves as mixing 'elements of Soul, Funk, Jazz and Rock backed up by catchy melodies, tasty riffs and pop sensibilities'. We'll take their word for it. Have a listen to their debut single "Keep Our Loving Discrete", which is definitely a more novel take on indie-rock for the young band.


¿Que-Pasa- The Logic of Matthew Dixon

And finishing us off this week is the schoolboy septet from Lugan, Dromore & Banbridge, who go by the name ¿Que-Pasa? & claim to have invented the genre of "swez". Their debue E.P "Mellon" has just been released, and taken from it is "The Logic of Matthew Dixon", a pretty upbeat track that mixes rock, brassy funk, pop, and a little bit of rap into a song that reminds us of both The Cat Empire and the song "Centerfold". It's nice to hear a band making such delightful with their tongues held firmly in cheek.

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