Monday, 6 October 2014

Coronation Ball - I Feel Fine

Avant-garde pop is the order of the day for the Tunbridge Wells based quintet Coronation Ball. The band have invited comparisons to Wild Beasts with their off-kilter take on guitar music, but their most recent single, "I Feel Fine", invites an even wider range of touchstones. The melody has more than a little bit of "Sunny Afternoon" to it, whilst the crooning of lead vocalist Dominic Scott has more than a little bit of both Brett Anderson and Andrew Montgomery throughout the song, which of course is no bad thing indeed. It's a rather nice starting point for the band, and although they might not yet be the finished article at the moment, one feels that they are going to develop into a very interesting proposition a little further down the line.

"I Feel Fine" will be released on 3rd November.

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