Wednesday 22 October 2014

Joy Surrender - Escape

Joy Surrender is the solo project of Winchester based musician Tristan Irvine, who amongst other things has composed music for various media. Although you could probably guess that from his debut single, which has something of a cinematic feel to it.

Tristan describes the sound that he was trying to achieve on "Escape" as 'orchestronica', in that it features layers and layers of keyboard and electronic sounds arranged in an almost symphonic fashion. It may be a slightly grandiose descriptor, but there's no denying that it isn't incredibly effective. It's a rousing, expansive sounding track which feels as if it is going to completely envelop you in pure, blissful noise.

If TV music supervisors ever get bored of using "Hoppipolla" as the soundtrack of their life-affirming montages of wildlife and the natural world in documentaries, they'll have a rather suitable replacement in "Escape". Joy Surrender may be on to a good thing with this 'orchestronica' thingy.

"Escape" is available to download for free.

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