Thursday 20 February 2014

Juice - Sugar

Ah Birmingham, aka "B-Town" (still a horrendous name), the indie-rock gift that just keeps on giving. Just when you thought they had nothing left to give after giving us Swim Deep, Peace, Superfood, Dumb & Babypink in the past year, along comes trio Juice, a band who came to our attention early today thanks to the wonderful music blog Don't Need No Melody.

They have just released their debut single "Sugar", and although it might not necessarily be sweet, it is still a brilliant song to be savoured. Sounding like the best bits of the pre-Britpop 90s (Ride in particular may be a suitable reference point), "Sugar" is an incredibly powerful first effort from the band, and should remind the world that despite a few decent names from Birmingham making a mark recently, there's still a lot more where that came from.

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