Thursday 7 February 2013

Lux Lisbon - Get Some Scars

When this blog last heard from London band Lux Lisbon, they were busy shooting up zombies in the video for their electro-rock monster "Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist". The band, which now features Belfast drummer Johnny Colgan,  are releasing an E.P on 25th March entitled "Get Some Scars", which collects several of their most prominent songs together, as well as a new track, which also goes by the name of "Show Some Scars". The song is much more relaxed that their previous offerings, probably being the closest to a ballad the band are going to get.

Once again, the group have filmed a rather brilliant video to coincide with the E.P, which takes the form of a pastiche of director Wes Anderson. Given that I consider Anderson's to be a pretentious to the point of naval gazing, and who seems to spend more time choosing what songs go into the film that writing the script (don't get we wrong - music supervision is very important, and the choice of songs are normally very good, but the soundtrack should never overshadow the film itself), anything that takes the proverbial out of him is very welcome indeed. The Lux Lisbon video for "Get Some Scars" uses the Margot montage from The Royal Tenenbaums as its jumping point, taking it into its logical ludicrous conclusion. It's a great little video from the group that stays true to the pathos of the song whilst injecting a bit of humour into the proceedings.

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