Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Death of Pop - Whenever

If you're going to give your band as grandiose and statement-making a name as The Death of Pop, then you'd better mark darn sure your music is darn near perfect. Thankfully, the Bournemouth 5-piece have absolutely nothing to worry about, at least if "Whenever" is anything to go by.

The song demonstrates the band's self-described 'janglegaze' sound, that is a song that mixes the sonic onslaught and introversion of shoegaze with the chiming guitars of jangle-pop, like it exists somewhere in the netherworld between My Bloody Valentine & Teenage Fanclub (with a member of the band wearing a t-shirt of the latter band in the above profile picture with such gloomy pride). It is also somewhat ironic that in spite of their name, the song is incredibly poppy and accessible, as a result of the irresistible vocal hook that just implores you to listen to the band again and again. Sound of 2015, anybody?

"Whatever" is taken from the E.P "Fifths", which will be released as a Flexidisk & zine on July 28th through Art Is Hard Records.

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