Saturday 28 June 2014

Blog Collective - God Is In The TV

Over the next few months, The Metaphorical Boat, alongside Drunken Werewolf, The VPME, The Blue WalrusGod Is In The TV, will be looking at some of the music that our fellow music bloggers have been raving about as part of the Blog Collective. Each month, we will be focusing on one of the music blogs in the Collective and picking out a few artists from said publication that we think you will enjoy.

In June, the focus is in God Is In The TV, one of the longest running and most respected UK-based music websites, so much so that they even have their own entry on Wikipedia. Edited by Bill Cummings, the site has a full team of writers dedicated to delivering the best new music, alongside features, news and interviewed. They've covered artists like Arctic Monkeys, The Joy Formidable and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart whilst they were in their infancy, so its fair to say they've got their fingers on the pulse when it comes to finding the hottest new artists.

Given the sheer volume of music the site covers, it was difficult to narrow it down to just five songs, but here are the ones that had the most appeal -

The Moons - Body Snatchers

GIITTV Dirty glam vibes combine with 60s keys, sturdy rumbles of bass, rousingly catchy hooks and hungry harmonies.

TMB - Sounds like a cross between "Elephant" by Tame Impala and "Boys Will Be Boys" by Ordinary Boys, in the best possible way.

AK/DK - Maxwell's Waves

GIITTV - 4 minutes of reality bending wooziness that manages to mutate mercurially lock grooving elements of Moroder’s ‘I feel Love’, Lipps Inc’s ’Funky Town’ and the ministry into an acid psychotropic sonic paint bomb.

TMB - An hypnotic slice of instrumental electronic bleeps and bloops that just builds and builds.

CuT - Time Traveller

GIITTV - ...the CuT lads...continue to play their laid-back slice of Surf-Punk and Garage, causing muso-hearts to jump to the beat of their fuzzed-up ‘cool slacker riffs’ married with melodic pop Psychedelia.

TMB - What else can I say? It's a ruddy great garage-rock song.

The Proctors - Kaleidoscope 

GIITTV - ...add in the delicate dusting of prime era Sarah motifs a la the Field Mice and The Orchids and the quietly euphoric rush that appears at the 2.51 mark and you have yourself an irresistible shy eyed classic in the making.

TMB - The kind of irresistible, dreamily sung indie-pop The Pains of Being Pure at Heart might have released in 2009 had they not recorded their debut album in a tin can.

Eels - Parallels 

GIITTV The quintessential elements that make the man compulsive are all there.

TMB - I guess including "Parallels" is a bit of a cheat, given that I've extolled the virtues of this song and its corresponding album elsewhere, but honestly, it's the greatest, most heart rendering song the band have released in years. I'm just glad to see I'm not the only person to agree.

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