Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Metaphorical Boat Is 2 Years Old Today

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the moment that The Metaphorical Boat first set sail on the choppy waters of the blogosphere. It's been a pleasure being able to write about so much great music over the past 730 days, and I truly hope that I will continue to be able to do so for the next few years. I'd like to thank every one of you who have taken time to read and visit this blog, even if it's only been for a few seconds, as well as every artist who has written some of the fine songs that have featured on this blog since it's inception in July 2011. If it wasn't for all of you, this blog wouldn't have made it past the first week.

Here's to several more years of music that floats my Metaphorical Boat, as we continue to dwell upon the biggest musical questions of the day, such as "what makes music such a universal experience?", "will there ever be a better album than "Coming Up"?", and "if you are at a festival wearing a band t-shirt, and whilst walking about the festival site the lead singer of said group comes over to you and points out that you're wearing their band's shirt, what is the appropriate course of action to take?"*

Here are some of the notable posts that have appeared on the blog since our last birthday, a mixture of both the most popular posts and those that I'm most proud of:

The 1975 - Sex - the most clicked-on post in the site's history by a country mile.

Album Review:  Little Comets - Life is Elsewhere - most popular album review of the past year.

Little Bear - Night Dries Like Ink/Killer - most popular post about a Northern Irish artist.

6 Reasons Why The Artist You Love Isn't in the UK Chart - the blog post I am the most proud of.

The Metaphorical Boat's Albums of 2012 - so many great albums released last year.

Album Review: Suede - Bloodsports - probably the most difficult album review I've had to write, although in hindsight I was probably a bit more vicious that I should have been.

And now the celebrations can begin. Battenberg and Caramacs for all. And by all, I mean me.

*Inspired by my recent attendance at the Glasgowbury Festival. To save my blushes, I'm withholding the name of the group in question, although if you saw me at the festival you'll know who it is. In any event, my reaction was probably incorrect. 

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