Saturday 31 December 2011

Whales In Cubicles - We Never Win

In all my time running this blog, one thing I always try to remind myself is not to jump to conclusions when looking at an artist. Just take London based Whales In Cubicles for example. Having taken a look at their name and the title of their upcoming single "We Never Win", I automatically assumed that the band are a politically charged band. Not that I've got a problem with explicitly political music (I love The Clash as much as anyone else). It's just that when looking at music with such messages, you might end up judging a song based upon whether you agree personally with the politics of the song rather than on the merit of the song itself, which can lead to much confusion.

However, it turns out I was wrong, as I learned that "We Never Win" wasn't written with a clear political motive, instead being more about being afraid to try. This 90s influenced rock tune benefits from its unusual rhythm structure (which I believe is in 13/4 time), and its slow burning anthemics, where the main vocal hook ("we never win") transfers from hushed resignation to an anthemic climax. Note to self - never judge a book by its cover.

"We Never Win" by Whales In Cubicles will be released on 23rd January as a limited edition vinyl on Young and Lost Club.

We Never Win by Whales In Cubicles

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